This is a compilation of videos that I have made throughout the years. I'll admit some of these videos are hard to watch only because I have to act in most of them, but I'm proud of everything that I've been able to accomplish. Each project was a fun and challenging experience that helped developed my skills on both sides of the camera.


MRI Software: Our Mission Continues

This short video placed second in MRI Software's company wide film festival this year.  

In this video, I used iconic historical footage and video editing technigues to tell the story of MRI's 50 year journey starting with the company's inception in 1971. The footage in this video is intended to represent the companies core values and ongoing mission that has attributed to MRI's successful and innovation as a pioneer of the real estate software industry.

The Untold History of the United States (Parody)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Drunk Men Drink No Beers (Parody)

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of the Drunkest (Parody)

Dear Old Dad (Short Film)
Tribute to Twilight Zone

The Beach Boys:
That's Not Me (Music Video)

Devil's Night (Clip)

All About The Benjamins (Short)

The Twilight Zone (Clip)

Full Moon (2005)

This was the first short film I ever created over 15 years ago, which I later uploaded to YouTube as a three part web-series. I'm very fond of this film because it ignited my passion for filmmaking and has been the motivation behind all my creative work since. The film is a bit outdated and unprofessional at this point, but I'm still amazed at what I was able to accomplish at such a young age. Years later, I expanded this short film into a feature length screenplay titled "Stow Wolf" that I would love to see on the big screen someday!

Part 1 - The Attack

Part 2 - The Change

Part 3 - The Wolf

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