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Flawed Perfection

Once, there was a city made entirely of glass. 

It was built below ground because the sun made things much too hot.

Everything in the city was glass, not just the buildings, but all things imaginable. 

Crystal sculptures lined the streets like giant snow globes.

It was man’s greatest creation. A symbol of his continuing pursuit of perfection.

 It wasn’t just a city, but a frame of mind. Inside Glass City there were no secrets. Everything was on display for all to see. 

On the surface it was perfect in every way, but a city fashioned out of glass is easily broken

Mankind’s greatest failure was his own flawed nature. A perfect city built by imperfect people

—how’s that for irony? 

Society soon began to crack under the weight of their own convictions. The city collapsed and all it's people perished.

It is said that the shattered glass poured down on them like sand in an hourglass.

Anger & I

Anger & I

My anger has a name.

It’s the same as mine.

We are the same person,

anger and I.

This wave overtakes me,

controls me, and makes me

say hurtful things.

Mostly to the people

I love.

What did I say?

Why did I say that?

When will I learn to

keep my mouth shut?

I am a short fuse,

easy to ignite,

ready to explode.

Boiling red blood with

beams of blinding white.

Like an active volcano

inside me.

It builds and erupts

from my mouth in


I disappear when

my anger speaks.

Only to return in

the wake of his


I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean it.

Please forgive me.

My apologies.

I’m tired of living with

my anger.

This is not what I am.

Who can tell me why

I say these things?

In The Movies

In the Movies


Summer Love,

it happens so easily 

in the movies.

Boy meets girl at

The beach.


They fall in love.

Three months of

magic and then

its over.


Summer Love,

Is just that

A flash of something

Beautiful mostly

Indescribable, but

The feeling is there

And cannot be



I myself have never

Experienced such a

Phenomenon and

Can only look back

Affectionately at

What I’ve seen

In the movies.


Summer Love,

It lasts only one

Season, but the

Memory is never



Can this love be real

Or is it just something

Made up in a

Motion picture?

Forest of Decay

Forest of Decay

In the cold dead of winter

On a dark and bitter night

Found deep in the forrest

In a blizzard of white.

A graveyard of fallen leaves

Lye buried deep in the snow

And the tree limbs left bare

So that new life can grow

The branches shriek and

shake in the night as they

Reach for the sky and beg

For the warmth of sunlight.

The woods are restless

And the season is long

But the trees will survive

If the roots are strong

Only the wind can carry

wisdom from the trees

In the cold dead of winter

Or a warm summer breeze

But what can we learn

From the fallen leaves

And the wisdom that

comes from a dying tree

There's a beauty in death

That we all can embrace

To die and be reborn

In the very same place

Young & Alive

Young and Alive

We laugh loudly into the night . 

Our voices travel until they fade away.

The breeze carries salt from the sea. 

Waves crash and the tide rises to our toes .

An infinite stretch of ocean sits before me . 

The night offers an open window to the unknown.

For a moment my mind drifts to a distant place .

I’m not quite sure where it was that I went to.

When I return to find the day is breaking.

The velvet sky now splashed with color.

Together, we sing redemption songs.

Reveling in the glory of our youth. 

We try our best to hold onto the night.

But the sun does not wait for us.

In silence, we gaze at the world’s wonder. 

Welcomed by the mornings in warm brace.

Our bodies make perfect shapes in the sand.

I feel the weight of gravity press upon me.

My eyes are heavy and my mind is tired.

A sudden cloud of sadness hangs over me.

Knowing that this time will soon end.

But I take comfort in the days ahead.

Memories that have yet to be made.

I’m tired, but thankful to be young and alive.

Silent Requiem 

How do you find your way back in the dark?

When you don’t even know where we are.

Searching this world for some kind of truth,

But the later you learn, the sooner we lose.

Ever wonder why you feel this way?

Every day, it’s all the same.

Feeling numb is worse than pain.

Waiting for your life to change.

The same old mistakes,

They can’t be erased.

You can’t move on

With all that weight.

So here we are again stuck in one place.

Putting  our lives in the hands of fate. 

It’s not the first and it won’t be the last.

Can’t take it slow in a world that’s so fast.

I dreamt I saw a light at the end,

But I always end up where I began.

Over and over, every day. 

An endless void of empty space.

It’s all the same.

We’ll never learn. 

Touch the flame.

You’ll get burned.

Here’s a toast to all the hopeless souls,

Who are haunted by their own ghosts.

I pray you’ll find a moment of peace.

A place to rest beneath the trees.

There are some days that I still have hope.

That we'll find our way back in the dark.

I have no choice, but to carry on

Until I reach the light or die alone. 

Wait for me.

Take my hand.

Don’t let go. 

My dear  friend.

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