Meet The Roaches© 

Title: Meet the Roaches

Genres: Animation, Family, Comedy

Format: Feature Film (120 pages)

Tagline: Meet the family that humans love to hate!

Nutshell: It’s like “A Bugs Life” (1998) meets “Schitt’s Creek” (2015)

What is it?

This is not just a family animated film, this is an animated film about family: husbands, wives, brothers, & sisters. There are moments in the script that any adult who is married or has kids would relate to on a very human level. The ultimate intent of this project is to tell a unique story that appeals to a wide audience, contains universal themes such as family and togetherness, and promotes a positive message about acceptance and understanding. 


A family of high-class cockroaches are fumigated out of their lavish Beverly Hills inhabitance and must adapt to their new lower-class lifestyle in Los Angeles.


Meet the family that humans love to hate in this hilarious and heartwarming animated feature film. Our story begins when Frank Roach and his family are fumigated out of their lavish Beverly Hills inhabitance by a team of highly skilled exterminators. Hundreds of cockroaches escape through a thin crack in the cement foundation and migrate to the neighboring colonies temporarily until it's safe to return. Frank is accompanied by his wife Rita, and two teenage children, Sally and Bobby. Frank's best friend Carl informs him that his son Bobby is to blame for the recent extermination attempt after being spotted above ground by the humans, which is a direct violation of the colony bylaws. As a result, Frank and his family are kicked out of the colony that he helped build until an official review can be completed by the colony leaders. Carl offers to help Frank by speaking to the colony leaders on his behalf. Frank reluctantly agrees to stay at his sister-in-law's temporarily until the colony leaders make their decision.

Rita's sister Tina lives with her husband Hector and three kids inside the walls of a rundown apartment complex in Los Angles. Frank fears that his family will have trouble adapting to their new lower-class lifestyle, but doesn't have the heart to tell Rita that Bobby is responsible for getting them kicked out of the Beverly hills colony. Hector shows Frank around the colony while Rita and Tina spend time catching up. Sally is worried that going to a public school with Termites will her hurt reputation. Bobby never quite fit in at his old school in Beverly Hills and is looking forward to making friends at his new school.  Hector gets Frank a job on his construction crew, but Frank is determined to get his old job back and fails to earn the respect of the other cockroaches. At the same time, Tina confronts Rita for not cleaning up after herself, and wonders why she never invited them to visit. Rita admits that she was afraid it would hurt their reputation, and apologies for not being more involved in Tina's life.  

Bobby fits right in on his first day of school, but Sally has difficulty making friends, and for the first time in her life, she feels like an outcast. She tries to impress a group of popular female cockroaches by humiliating an innocent Termite named Tommy that she met in class earlier. Meanwhile, Frank abandons his duties and leverages his experience for a better-paying job, which leaves Hector feeling unappreciated and overlooked after all his hard work. At dinner, Sally reveals that she has feelings for Tommy, and Frank forbids her to see him again. Rita is worried that going to a public school was a bad idea and asks Frank to check in with his friend Carl at the Beverly Hills colony to see when they'll be allowed back in. Sally and Bobby sneak out of a crack in the wall and go to a popular hangout for insects. Sally finds Tommy and apologizes for being rude to him earlier. Tommy and Sally spend time getting to know each other and learning about each other species before crawling back home.  When Frank arrives in Beverly Hills, Carl reveals his true plans to take full control of the colony and forces him to leave.  Frank returns home realizing the error of his ways. He apologizes to Rita, Sally, and Bobby and promises to be a better husband, father, and friend to his family and fellow insects.

He arrives to work early the next day, but instead of starting his new position, he picks up where he left off at his old job, and in doing so, earns the respect of his co-workers. Frank devises a plan to stop Carl by convincing the cockroaches and termites to join forces. With the help of his friends and family, Frank stops Carl from taking control total control of the colonies. Frank invites all the cockroaches and termites to migrate their home in Beverly Hills and infest the neighborhood together. Cockroaches and termites finally learn to co-exist as one unified species. The End

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