I have Professional certifications in Full Stack Web Development, Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Software QA Testing, and Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals. 

Other Skills & Experience:



DevDum! Code Smarter. Not Harder

Less searching more learning with 200+ resources for web developers...It's a no brainer!


Technology & Entertainment Resources

Improve your skills, pursue your passion, advance your career!


Live Music and Events Platform.


A simple app for tracking your pets daily rhythms. 

Fitness Tracker

Budget Tracker PWA

Weather Dashboard

 Coding Quiz

Employee Tracker

Team Profile Generator

ReadMe Generator

E-Commerce Backend

Super Hungry Shark

A Game of Shark Eats Fish!


Use the arrows key to control the shark. Press the space bar to eat as many fish as you can in 60 seconds. Each fish is worth 1 point. Eat a diver and earn 2 points. Navigate around the Jellyfish to avoid getting hit. If you get hit 10X the game is over. Eat a Starfish and shoot it out of the Shark's mouth. If you hit a Jellyfish you'll receive a bonus point!

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