Wild Wild 


Format: Feature Film

Page Count: 117pgs

Genre: Holiday, Family

Themes: Family, Togetherness, Understanding, Kindness, Traditions

Tagline: She'll be back in time for Christmas!


A woman travels back in time to the old west to learn about her family's history and discover the origins of Christmas in America. An adventure that provides her with a better understanding of this beloved holiday and the ultimate gift of a brighter future.


Nora Bell's family never celebrated Christmas when she was growing up.  Now, as an adult,  she begins to realize that her family's decision to renounce such a beloved holiday has never been quite clear. A story that was forgotten in the past while the tradition was carried on for generations. Nora finds herself longing for all the holiday cheer and joy that she missed as a child. One night in December, she makes a wish that transports her back to the old west (1865 to be exact).

Shortly after arriving, she is visited by a very special Christmas Angel who was sent to help guide Nora on her journey.  She soon meets her late relatives  and a cast of other colorful characters. Nora's grandfather tells her about his plans to bring Christmas to America, which wasn't widely celebrated at that time. (Not officially declared a national holiday until 1870). Nora agrees to help her grandfather put together a huge Christmas celebration for the people in their town. 

When a wealthy business man hears of this, he threatens to steal the idea from Nora's grandfather and use it to become an even bigger commercial success. His greedy nature concerns Nora's grandfather, so he chooses not to celebrate Christmas rather than participate in the holiday's financial corruption. He is completely unaware of the effect this decision would have on his family for years to come.

Nora's beauty and kindness causes the business man to have a change of heart. He falls in love with her and instead of stealing the idea, he uses his affluence to help her grandfather spread the Christmas spirit throughout America, ultimately becoming the holiday we know and love today. Sadly, Nora can't stay with him in the past and must return to the present, but he becomes a much better man for knowing her.

When Nora returns, she finds that her old life has changed. The emptiness that she felt is now filled with wonderful memories of Christmas celebrations with her family.  Full of love, warmth, joy, laughter, and togetherness. Everything that makes this holiday so special. Nora's family is happier and closer than ever before, and her future is much brighter now that Christmas is a part of her life. The End. 

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