Edgar Frog: Slaying 101 


Edgar Frog: Slaying 101 - Over the last year or so, I've been hosting a TikTok series called Edgar Frog: Slaying 101. For those of you who don't know, Edgar Frog is one of the Frog Brothers...still not ringing a bell? They are characters from the classic 1987 horror film The Lost Boys, directed by Joel Schumacher. It's one of my favorite flicks of all time because it seemlessly blends several film genres into one amazing motion picture: horror, comedy, action, romance....and vampires! 

The character is a parody of Corey Feldman's portrayal of Edgar Frog in the original film, and his performance is absolutely amazing. The Lost Boys has developed a loyal cult following over the years, and has since spawned multiple sequels that never quite lived up to the original. In fact, it was just announced that a reboot of The Lost Boys is apparently in the works, but not much else is known about the film quite yet. I've really enjoyed putting on the red headband and getting into character for the series. Edgar Frog: Slaying 101 is available to watch on all major social media platforms, so take your pick and stay tuned for all new episodes coming soon! 

Slaying 101 is now on all major social media platforms.  Watch more on demand episodes of Slaying 101 now!

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Episode 1

Hey Slayers! Edgar Frog here...Learn to slay vamps and become a badass monster basher like me..

Episode 2

Edgar Frog here! This is a public slayers announcement...Never let a vamp into your home...

Episode 3

Hey Slayers, Edgar Frog here! Watch me investigate a vamp nest under this apartment compex...

Episode 4

If you find a Vamp nest under your home...Run! ..then call 1-800-555-FROG! Annihilate those night stalkers once and for all...

Episode 5

Calling my brother Alan Frog for some backup on this one. Frog Brothers Vampire Removal Service since 1987... 

Episode 6

Just stopping over at my brother Alan Frog's place for some back up on my monster bashing later tonight!... 

Episode 7

I finally got those blood suckers right where I want them...Now, it's time to gear up with a badass eighties montage...

Episode 8

Slay safe and always remember to keep a safe staking distance from Vamps and drive your stake right through their hearts...

Episode 9

If anyone tries to vamp out on you in any way...Stake them without thinking twice about it!

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