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AppIdiot! contains the latest news articles, app reviews, and resources for software products, consumer electronics, computer platforms, and mobile devices all in one place. Browse an extensive list of apps by category for just about everything. Explore software products and applications to boost productivity and improve your daily workflow. 

DevIdiot! contains resources for web developers and individuals working in the tech industry. Explore a variety of trending articles and quality blog posts written by members of the development community. Find links to video tutorials, code examples, online courses, and other popular development websites to expand your coding skills. 

JobIdiot! contains a variety of tools and resources to help individuals reach the next level in their careers. Get access to job openings, employer reviews, salary negotiation tips, and expert advice from other working professionals. Browse an extensive list of virtual career fairs, online courses, sample resumes, and practice questions to prepare for your next interview. 

ScriptIdiot! contains a curated list of news articles and blog posts directly from experienced screenwiters working in the entertainment industry. Explore screenwriting competitions, film festivals, software products, script consultations, pitch sessions, networking events, writing gigs, and much more. 


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