Coming Up Short©

Format: Feature Length Screenplay

Page Count: 105pgs

Genre: RomCom, Comedy

Themes: Acceptance, Love, Flaws, Courage

Tagline: "It's not the size that counts or is it?"

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What is it? 

The main concept takes a popular topic that's frequently debated amongst men and women, and brings it into the open. It's intended to lighten the mood around common male insecurities and stereotypes, and give people something to laugh about. Aside from being a raunchy romantic comedy, there is an honesty and sincerety to the characters and story that audiences will connect with. The deeper message is about self-acceptance, self-worth, finding love and feeling loved, despite all your flaws, failures, shortcomings, and imperfections. 


A successful bachelor has it all except where it counts—in his pants. With the help of his best friend, he joins an online dating site in an attempt to find miss right and discover if size really does matter. 


This is a romantic comedy about a successful bachelor (Chris) who's inadequacies have always caused him to come up short with women. Tired of living in fear and spending his life alone, his best friend Jason convinces Chris to join an online dating site to help him meet women and overcome his fear. Chris is unsure of the whole idea, but agrees to go along anyway.

Jason navigates Chris through the strange world of online dating where nothing is what it seems. Chris's first date ends abruptly when the woman he is supposed to meet shows up looking much older and several pounds heavier than her profile pictures. Back at Jason's house, they narrow their search and find another date for Chris. His second date starts out much better, however quickly turns to disaster when the woman turns out to be completely obsessed with her ex-boyfriend and won't stop talking about him 

After two terrible dates, Chris is ready to call it quits, but decides to try again. Chris is hesitant to meet this woman (Candace) and acts like a jerk when she arrives. Candace proves herself to be different from his other dates and there is an immediate attraction between them. Chris and Candace develop strong feelings for each other, which causes him to question  his decision to tell her the truth..

Jason tells Chris that his best chance at finding happiness is by telling Candace the truth, but Chris is unable to work up the courage to tell her, so he surprises Candace with a trip to Hawaii instead. Chris hopes that a romantic getaway will make it easier for him to tell her how he feels, but fears his "little" problem may cause her to feel differently.

Candace grows suspicious when Chris repeatedly avoids getting intimate with her. Unable to hide his secret anymore, Chris breaks down and confesses to Candace that he is not well endowed. Candace assures him that size doesn't matter and there is more to a relationship than just meaningless sex. Chris lets his guard down for the first time in a long time, and gives himself to Candace completely. They kiss passionately before pulling the bed sheets over their heads. 

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