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Welcome to my Creative Portfolio! I believe that my passion for both technology and entertainment comes together to create a unique perspective on storytelling. It allows me to approach each project with a fresh, creative outlook, and to bring a unique voice to my work. As a writer, my versatility spans multiple genres, and I pride myself on crafting compelling narratives and developing characters that resonate with readers.  My interest in technology inspired me to earn a professional certification in full-stack web development and artificial intelligence which has helped me to build and design a variety of websites and applications. When I'm not writing or coding, you can find me exploring new technologies, watching movies, or reading comics.  Thanks for visiting, and I hope you can read, watch, and enjoy.


Ryan Evans Creative is an independent studio offering a unique blend of services for technology and entertainment in today's new media. Open to independent projects and collaborative opportunities.



ScriptStud GPT

ScriptStud GPT is an AI tool tailored for screenwriters and anyone interested in the art and craft of storytelling. ScriptStud GPT has access to detailed knowledge of various screenplay structures and storytelling methods and can provide insights into crafting compelling narratives across different genres. Whether you're looking for advice on following the Save the Cat beat sheet, navigating the intricacies of the Hero's Journey, or experimenting with modern and classic screenplay templates, ScriptStud GPT is equipped to assist.


I've finally been able to blend my two passions for technology and entertainment to provide industry pros with a curated list of resources that contain the tools needed to improve their skills and advance their careers. I've spent the last 8 years working in both industries supporting various software products for the film & television industry while learning to code in my free time. I've payed close attention to new and emerging technologies to understand industry trends. Many of the resources referenced on my websites are the very same products and services I've used throughout my career. I hope you find these resources useful and thanks for your support.

Logline Generator

This is a simple web application that helps writers generate loglines for their stories. A logline is a brief summary of a story that captures its essence and hook. It typically consists of one or two sentences that convey the main character, the goal, the conflict, and the stakes of the story. A well-crafted logline can help writers pitch their stories to agents, producers, and publishers. 

The Logline Generator is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It uses Bootstrap for the layout and styling, and jQuery for the DOM manipulation and event handling. It also uses the browser's local storage API to save and retrieve data. The generator is fully responsive and can be used on desktop and mobile devices. 


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